Server Features

Here are a few features that set us apart from your average server.

Discord Integrations

In the server you are able to link your Discord account with a bot on our Discord and communicate with people on the server. If two or more linked players join the Lobby voice channel, proximity voice chat will be enabled! This lets you hear your friends voice when you are close to each other in game.

Land Claiming

Never worry about griefers breaking your builds which you've worked hard to make, you automatically receive claim blocks while being active on the server for claiming your lands. The server is also backed up nightly, and staff are able to roll back damages to builds should any occur!

Server Wide Events

Monthly server wide events are hosted on the server, compete against friends to see who will come out on top! These can range from something simple such as who can mine the most diamonds to harder challenges such as who can make the best build.

Custom Nickname Colors

We've made a custom plugin that lets you unlock custom nickname colors simply by playing the game and meeting some objectives we programmed! To check it out type /colormenu on the server.

Dynamic Map

View your builds unfolding with a birds eye view on our Dynamic Map as you play! Use it to locate where you are, find your friends' builds, make map art and more!


You still have a chance to reclaim your items after you die in Ruqquscraft! Whenever you die a portion of your levels and items will all be stored inside a lootable gravestone, it's up to you to find your way back to it however.